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Benefits of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a super cool way to lose weight. It mostly consists of lots of body weighted exercises like pull ups, chin ups, push ups, triceps dip.... etc. Calisthenics requires a lot of balance and body co-ordination and is a fantastic way to enhance your understanding of your own body's limits. A lot of workouts relating to calisthenics could include other types of fitness like park-our and street workout. There are numerous benefits from this awesome type of  workout, it just proves that going to the gym to lift weights is not the only way, to gain muscle. 

Calisthenic Workouts
Just a quick run through, if you didn't already know here are the 5 most common calisthenic workouts: 
  • Variations of pull ups e.g. muscle up, chin up, varying grip.
  • Variations of push ups, wide arm, narrow, singled handed
  • Triceps, chest dips
  • Squat jumps, onto bars
  • Hand stands
Not only that, calisthenics offer a whole range of mind-blowing tricks which don't take to much time to learn. Everyone knows what really pulls girls at the beach - a good Human Flag Pole!

Losing Fat Fast
You may not believe it but calisthenics is a fantastic way to lose fat fast. You ask how? Well if you think about it, every time you do one of the listed exercises above you are using multi muscles - a whole muscle group. You are either using your whole upper body or whole lower body. This means more muscles are at work so more calories will be burnt. If you doubt this, just look at the pull up, it requires most of your upper body muscles - every back muscle like lats and traps, it requires your biceps and shoulder, and even your triceps when safely dropping down, a fair amount of core is also activated to keep your body steady. This is much better than going to a gym to burn a few calories doing 5 sets of 10 reps of bicep curls which only use one muscle at a time. 

Muscle Balance
Many people fail to get a good physical appearance even after going to the gym for years, this is mostly  because they don't have the right proportion of muscles in the right places. They may have huge arms and a skinny chest, or huge chest but skinny arms. They could have massive biceps, but tiny triceps and tiny shoulders. This all happened because of over use of one muscle and denying other muscles. However, Calisthenics is proven to lead to a well proportioned body. Because it only uses body weights and because calisthenics uses multiple muscle groups, the body places the right amount of muscle fibers in the right places, this gives the body proportion which is gym lad lacks! 

Strengthening your Six-Pack
Calisthenic exercises include a lot of activities which need body stabilization and whats a better body stabilizer than your abdominal muscles in your six-pack. Every exercises uses a fair amount of core and leads to a very strengthened core which keeps you straight even while you are sleeping. Moreover, this strengthened core will make your six-pack grow, and if you don't already have one, I guarantee you will start seeing one after a month of training even with a layer of fat above it. 

You may think people who do calisthenics are probably really strong. They are.... but not as much as you think. The reason they look stronger than they are is because of a good body proportioning but also because doing calisthenics for a year really defines your body. Static exercises like the Human flag pole and L-hold define the muscles making them seem like they are very large. Static exercises are exercises when you hold a position while a muscle is being contracted, for example going down in a push up but staying down there for 30 seconds. This makes them look very cool every time they lift something or do an exercises because of the definition of muscles. So if you lacking that back, or shoulder ribbons, calisthenics is really the think for you.

Finally, calisthenics is a great way to impress anyone, friends, family if they are around. Anyone who sees you doing a handstand would go whoa and would be amazed. There are many cool tricks people can do on the bar or in parks with calisthenics, watch this awesome video for some calisthenic inspiration. Please remember to subscribe for weekly updates, and don't shy to comment or share this blog. Thanks for reading.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Lower Ab Workout

The lower abdominal muscles are the finishing pieces you need for a six-pack. They are the lowest muscles so therefore, the muscle that more likely to covered in a layer of remember doing lower core exercises will only pay of if you have a flat stomach with a lower body fat percentage. The lowest core ab muscles are the hardest to polish but here are some workouts that will help you target and train those lower core muscles:

Vertical Leg Raises
The vertical leg raise can only be preformed when arms are resting on an arm-rest which leaves your body hanging. you need to raise your legs from a vertical position to a horizontal position, it will be more effective if your knees are not bent. a rep of 20 is recommended. Similar to this, the horizontal leg raise is very similar to the vertical leg raise. The only difference is it does not need an arm rest to preform it as  it can be preformed by lying on the floor. the principle is the same and you will need to raise you leg making sure you do not bend your knee. A set of 20 is recommended.
Mountain Climber
Mountain climber exercises develops your lower core and hips as includes a running type motion. To do the mountain climber you have to go into a press up position and bring one knee up to touch your elbows. To switch to the other leg, the other leg would have to jump to touch your knee at the same time as your first leg goes back and touches the ground. A set of 40 reps is recommended to achieve full effect.
Sit ups
The sit ups, a very simple exercises most people know of. It will help develop your core if you focus the exercise on that pair of muscles. A normal sit up would be you lying down on your back, knees bent and you pushing your self up -crunches your core. A sit up that strengthens and develops your lower core would be different. you will have to make sure your back is straight for all the exercises and that your back does not touch the floor when going back down. Your lower core will be used when u don't touch the floor and the straight back will make you do a proper crunch. This exercise should be done 50 times at least.

These exercises will get you a six-pack. I'm not gonna say you will get one after 2-3 workouts but it will gradually emerge. Subscribe and Share to all and if in doubt Fighter Abs Sixpacks has more exercises on how to get a stronger core for you!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How Weights Can Stunt Your Growth

The most common topic when it comes to teenagers doing weights training is "do weights stunt growth?" And most PE teachers and fitness instructors will say that it does not effect your growth spurt. In some aspects they are right, if you have the correct technique and lift weights properly, then injures, accidents and stunting growth will be impossible. The main thought in society is that weights will not stunt your growth because as long as the end of your bigger bones are well protected and never injured, growth stunting is impossible. But they are not thinking of all the other hidden factors that may stunt your growth as a teenager. Here are two main ways weights definitely stunt your growth. Please like, share and subscribe, comment for any questions.

The Spine
The Spine is one of the most important bone when it comes to growing because it is so complex and so large. It helps your body stay upright. But some exercises can put a little too much pressure on the spine, like the clean jerk or any over-head exercises. This puts a lot of strain on all spinal bones and pushes them against each other which can cause injure and an irregular spinal shape. This doesn't just apply for teenagers, if the over head exercise is not performed with good technique than it can result in back problems which can stick for life. You only have one spine, take care of it!

Muscle Growth
This scientifically researched fact included quite an abstract view on the body. But as we all know all abstract things make sense in science because the body and science itself is abstract! So this scientist measured the intake of nutrients of a teenager and how much muscle he was gaining. This was conducted on many teenagers varying the much growth but keeping the nutrients the same, the test was over 2 years long! In the end the teenagers with the lower amount of muscle growth were taller overall, with healthier bones and skin. Where as the teenagers, with larger muscle growth happening were overall shorter than predicted and weaker bones. This is because the nutrients absorbed by the teenagers with the less muscle growth was full utilized for their growth spurt and bone development, where as the nutrients eaten by the muscle growth teenagers was utilized mostly in muscle growth. So in conclusion, the scientist stated that to much muscle growth can result in poorer  development of the overall body. weights training is the fastest way to make gains so directing your diet on muscle growth may mean that your body gets under developed, you should rather have less muscle but better nutrient intake. 
So overall, weights can stunt growth in teenagers as it effects the spinal cord and compresses it, so stay away from over head exercises. And to much gains  from weights may result in an under developed overall body so eat clean and use body weight instead and lighter weights occasionally. You have your whole life to growth muscle, but your bone growth and height only happens once. Want to find out if your weight training theory that has been explained by a dozen others is actually true? Check out 5 Weight Lifting Myths Debunked.
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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to Gain Muscle Fast

Seeing no visible results after countless hours of bicep curls and bench press in the gym? Wondering why the usually recommended, top muscle building exercises - bench press - is getting you no where physically? Well maybe you are doing it wrong, below are the physical do's and don'ts to how to build muscle fast...
Remember the first the bicep curl you did at your gym. How much was it five kilograms, ten kilograms, twenty? Now think about the weight of the bicep curls you did yesterday in the gym. If you are seeing no muscle gain it is probably because you are not increasing the weight of the exercise once you get good at it. Doing 5 five kilograms for 3 months will get you now where. So always plan your work out to set a target to increase your weight as you progress. Otherwise as there is no progression in your weights (exercises) likewise, there will be no progression in your body muscle.


When you do the bench press, do you find your current weight easy, or hard? Most of you will say you find it normal. If you find it normal you, my friend, are not pushing your self to your limits. There is not gonna be in muscle gain if you find a exercise normal or easy because that means your  muscles are accustomed to that weight and so they are not going to gain. Remember to push your muscles once in a while, this links in with progression. Plan which days are gonna be your push days - when you choose the heaviest weights you can do and push you muscles to the limit. This way your muscles will gain. 

If you are doing what has been said above maybe your problem is  frequency and poor planning to go to the gym. If you think just popping into the gym whenever, is a bad idea. It is important to have a regular schedule for different muscles as if you do not exercise them often enough they will stay the same and in some cases lose muscle (muscle atrophy) so remember to keep time and plan in mind. Going to the gym for a biceps work out 1-2 times a week is sufficient to maintain them. But 2-4 times is needed to improve them.

Diet is probably the second most important factor to muscle gain, ho many calories you take in, your protein intake etc. To find out more on dietary factors to enhance your muscle gain click hereRemember to Subscribe to this blog for weekly updates. Don't be shy to press that share button underneath either. And if you need any help, comment in the comment section down below and I will deliver personal advice to you. And please, please, please comment on how I should improve my blog.

How to Sprint Faster

Sprinting is a skill most of us athletic fitness freaks have, but sprinting fast can be one skill in a thousand, million, possibly a billion in which case you should be running for the gold medal against Usain Bolt in the Rio Olympics! However, many of you I am sure have no intention in winning the Olympics gold but instead may want to improve sprinting for better rugby; more rowing power; or even be better at playing tag with your friends. But how can we acquire such a indispensable and essential skill? Can it be trained and improved or is it all to do with genes. You're about to find out so keep reading!
It is true that athletic ability can be based a lot on genes. You may have seen only black African people usually being in the 100-200 meter finals. It is true that genes are the reason for their success but always remember genes can be changed. Let's say you have diabetes-B in your family it doesn't at all mean that you will get diabetes. You can be the different one and be healthy to avoid diabetes. Similarly genes can be altered by training them, then they can also be passed on once altered. So never let a person tell you that it's not in your genes. We're all the same, roughly, and genes don't matter!

Sprinting is about Pace
Sprinting is about power yes, but it is mostly about the pace. Not pace as in how fast you go when running, I'm talking about the how quickly you can rotate your thighs and also how quickly you should be taking of with every step. With every stride you take, ensure you quickly take off from the ground as quick as you touch it. The ground is you enemy! This will mean you won't be wasting too much time adjusting your grip, which your feet  do when they touch the ground. As soon as you touch it go! How quickly you thighs work is important too, the quicker your other thigh comes to take the next stride, the quicker you can take your thigh on the ground off the ground. 
To practice how to quicken the movement of your thighs the best exercise would be step ups of a bench. Do this as fast as you can for 1 minute about 5 times taking 30-60 seconds breaks in between because it is important to be fully charged before the next set. To up-en the workout and make it harder you can carry dumbbells or attach weights to your waist. This will improve the amount of power you use to step of the ground. But remember to hold the dumbbells close to your chest with your arms bent to avid any elbow or wrist joint damage.

The Splits
The splits are very useful exercises for sprinting. Many of you boys/men will not want to do this as it is harder for males and easier for females. But trust me, splits can make you run further with every stride, literally! Usually taller sprinters are better than smaller sprinters because there strides are longer and can run much fast cause of this. I can't give tips on how to get taller to improve your sprinting, but I can give tips on have to take longer strides when running. You need to do the splits, this will stretch your Iliopsoas and Hamstring. If you cannot perform the splits for whatever reasonthere are other exercises that will stretch the same group of muscles and tendons, watch this video for information.

Explosive Exercises
Another key aspect to sprinting perfection is having lots of explosive strength. What is explosive strength? Explosive strength is the type of strength which you use to quickly push or pull something. It is a mix of speed and power, to do everything quickly but with power. Exercises like jumping squatsjump lunges and tuck jumps will really help you do the sprints as it will mean you will run with explosions in your steps. You can measure how much explosive power your legs have by measuring how high you can jump, height jumped minus your height. anything above 35 inches is good for a sprinter.

Last thing Posture, and the way you run is also important. You should be running with your back straight with chest out, knees high not back bent, leaning forward, a good posture can make improvements by seconds on your high score. Do all of these are you will sprint faster. Remember to Subscribe to this blog for weekly updates. Don't be shy to press that share button underneath either. And if you need any help, comment in the comment section down below and I will deliver personal advice to you. And please, please, please comment on how I should improve my blog.

Strong Athlete

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4 Shoulder Grinding Exercises

Great shoulders shows a lot about us men. Its not only a way to show of in  the gym but to impress an audience in your suit and tie, especially the ladies. You use your shoulder in any exercise, from bicep curls to pull ups, the are one of our main muscle. So it is very important to keep them healthy and toned. Here are four exercises to transform your current tennis ball shoulders into bowling balls...

Vertical Dumbbell Raise
Using the dumbbells is a great way to exercise your shoulders as they allow your to work each shoulder separately. So grab a dumbbell for each arm with the weight that suits you best and start vertically raising the dumbbells in front of you. Remember to keep your arms slightly bent so you joints don't get damaged.

Lateral Dumbbell Raise

Very similar to the vertical dumbbell raise, the lateral dumbbell raise involves lifting the dumbbells with a fully bent arm. However, this time it has to be to the sides. This adds more variation to your workout so your don't feel bored. The second plus point is it exercises a different part of your shoulder. So do this exercises with both arms which are slightly bent.

Sitting Dumbbell Bench Press
Rather than exercise your chest with the normal, boring, flat bench press, why not alter  your sitting position and do it with dumbbells instead. Grab two dumbbells and sit down so your back is at a 80* angle from the floor. Keep lifting the dumbbells over your head. This is a very good way to exercise your shoulders because you are using the weight of gravity directly on top of you.

Barbell Row
This exercise will put the end to your shoulder workout as it is a quick and effective exercise. Lean for forward so your bodies 45* from the floor and pull the barbell towards you. As effective as this exercise can be,  it can put a strain on the back so it is advised for the exercise to not be done by under 16s and elderly. It is crucially important your back remains straight during the whole exercise.

How to Lose Weight Fast

You've been on that treadmill day and night without a pound taken off your belly. You've been pumping that bench press for countless hours in the gym with good muscle gains. Only problem is, you can't see those muscle gains because of a thick layer of fat covering all that toned brawn. I can confidently say that you are not losing weight because of your diet. Even if you do lots of your whole body exercises or fat reducing exercises, your diet is the backbone to how much weight you trim at the end of the day.
Like everyone else says, limiting calories is a great way to lose body weight. But let me tell you the correct way to cut your calories in order to lose fat as weight. First rule, never suddenly drop 1000 calories or somewhere around that much. Your body will sense this lose of energy and go into starvation mode. Many diet  specialist will agree that this is bad as your body will hang onto your fat and use your muscle instead. 
Now if you're a lady viewer this point won't really matter as you may not mind how much muscle you have on your body, you may just be here to cut weight fast and muscle lose as well as fat lose is perfectly fine. BUT many male viewers I know you can't live with this fact, I totally agree. This is why cutting your calories slowly day by day week by week will help slow or stop muscle reduction and encourage fat reduction. 

Right so that's the calorie bullshit out the way we can start on what food is truly what you need to lose weight for this summer. Firstly, did you know that digestion burns your calories as well. For example you eat a chocolate bar worth 100 calories, and to digest chocolate bar, to chew and swallow that chocolate bar you burn 5 calories so the end calorie sum would be 95 calories. Now, substitute that chocolate for a glass of milk, some chicken or some celery, there digestion calories shoot up. A glass of milk worth 100 calories would take 20-30 calories to digest.
This is because for  milk the body uses the enzyme lactase to break down the lactose in that milk. already taking a lot of calories. Furthermore, the body will want to make more lactase enzymes to break down the milk or any more milk incoming to your body in the future, this burns more calories as your body breaks down protein to make enzymes. 

And there's more good news, this has a very good carry on effect, the more often you drink milk not only will you be healthy your body adapt to produce more and more enzymes for that milk,  leading to an after fat burning effect! This applies to other enzymes and other foods you eat such as:

  • Celery
  • Grape fruit
  • Lettuce and other leafy vegetables
  • watermelons
  • Chilies

Now you may be wondering why people say they have no fat because their bodies are just like that. IGNORE them and slap them after. We all have that one friend who has a six-pack and eats burgers all day, we all feel so so jealous of them because we cannot do this without putting on a tonne of weight. Let me just say, from my very own experience there is a way to cheat this and be like your friend and it all relies on the time you eat your food and the gaps in between your meal.

Your metabolism is the rate of reactions happening in your body even fat burning reactions, you've guessed it, the key is to charge your metabolism up so it is burning fat all day, everyday. So, to improve your metabolism here's the key trick. Eat meals with regular small gaps in between. NEVER go to school or uni or work without eating a proper big breakfast because this slows down the metabolic rate as the body tries to reserve fat because it thinks your staving. Always eat breakfast, think about it, you go to sleep and not eat anything for 12 hrs, that fact certainly creeps me out!
Remember to always 5-8 meals a day no increasing or decreasing but dividing calorie intake. This keep your metabolism up and running for the whole day effectively and you will burn more fat then when your body starves, I promise.

5 Weight Lifting Myths

Are you sick of your parents acting like old hags telling you weights will some how ruin your life? Are you low spirited when people tell you, you will remain the same height and that you will never get a girl. Here are some myths debunked to show you the correct fact of weight lifting. Subscribe for weekly updates and share with your mates to prove that there is nothing  wrong with weights training. 

Weight-lifting Stunts Growth
Lets get the truth out there, weight lifting does not stunt your growth during when you are going through your growth spurt. Its one of those old hag's tale where she doesn't want her children to get hurt so she scares them by saying they will never grow again. It is true, weight training can get you hurt, but that is only because you haven't had proper training and your are not performing the exercises correctly. 
Weight training will not stunt your growth but it is advised by fitness specialists that teenagers do not do any over-head or back strain based exercises as their spines are still in development and it may effect how the spinal plates grow. However, other exercises such as bicep curls or bench press will not only let you gain muscle but more-over enhance your growth spurt as it strengthens the skeleton muscles around the bone which allows the bone to grow better as well. All those great body-builders, like Arnold Schwartz, started weights at a teen-age and guess what, they are all over 6 foot.

Weight-lifting Damages Joints
No weight lifting does not damage joints. Again if you are not doing it properly and are getting joint pains and joint injures you should see a trainer and get proper lessons for lifting weights properly, this could even be your PE teacher. People say it damages your joints as your putting so much strain on that one joint. But you are using controlled actions and so your joints will not get damaged. Furthermore, because you will have more muscle around your joints your joints will be more protected and will have a lower risk to sprains or strains, So good-bye arm-lock. But remember to do the exercise properly, and if you are worried please ask some one to spot you as do the exercise.

Muscle Lose
Some people say that getting into weights is like getting into a continuous cycle of muscle lose and muscle gain,where if you stop doing weights your muscles will go away and only weights will  be able to rebuild your muscles. This all sounds like complete bullshit right? You won't be able to believe how many people actually think this because they were never physically educated right. 
Here's what really happens, when you stop doing weights like any other exercise your level of fitness will drop at a completely normal rate. If you are losing muscle really quickly it may be because of your diet and you're not meeting your muscles requirements. Moreover, the next time you pick up a dumbbell or do any sport that requires the muscle groups that you were training for before, your muscles will easily build up quicker than before. This is because of muscle memory and the muscle cells that die usually turn into memory cells and this allows your muscles to build up faster than ever.

Reaction Time
Are you a teenager? yes, well has you're dad tried to convince you from not doing weight and even asked some of his friends to tell you why? Did one of his friends say it makes you slower, demonstrating with his skinny arm that its lighter therefore fast? You must have laughed right! Weight training for bigger mass certainly does not make some slower at doing things. It obviously means that they way more but this does mean that the weight will slow them down. 
It isn't weight in fat which will help in no way when lifting your arm, its muscle which will contribute to you lifting your arm, I guarantee! The more muscle you have the more power you have to lift that heavy arm fast and effectively, it can in some cases be quicker than a normal arm if you have lots of lean muscle. So don't let anyone convince you that weight training will slow you down in 100 meters.

Weight Lifting is Boring
A question to ask some one doing weights if they say it's  boring, "why are you doing it then." No one forces you to do something especially if you're bored of it, so you can quit any minute you want. Unless you're in secondary school and your peers pressurize you to go because you are weak, I totally understand. But remember weight training doesn't have to be boring as long as you have a focused and well thought-out plan before you do it. 
This means less time deciding on the spot in the gym and less time awkwardly thinking you should be doing something else in the middle of your bench-press set. Or maybe changing your boring bicep into a hammer curl or shoulder press may get rid of the boredom, or maybe some mates around with you. Everyone is bored in different ways so its up to you to ultimately decide but its just another fact, weight training is not boring if you make it interesting.

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3 Ways to Improve your Stamina

Your physical stamina will play an important part in your dream to get fit. You have to take a long road to get into shape and to help you run that road you will need stamina. The definition of Stamina is how long you can last while doing a certain activity. This involves cardiovascular fitness and how efficiently your body can use ATP (posh word for energy). Here are three exercises to improve your stamina.

Continuous Training
Continuous training is a training program which involves low-medium intensity work with none to little breaks in between the exercise, it usually on consists of one exercise per workout. By doing continuous training you are improving your bodies stamina by making your heart  pump blood around your body to your muscles. As the muscle energy stores are depleted you are testing them to work with minimal energy which will improve there stamina. Furthermore, as you oxygen intake becomes to less for your body and you fall into a oxygen deficit you will start producing lactic acid. testing your lactic acid tolerance will boost your stamina. Running - Long-distance running is proven to be one of the most effective continuous training methods. This is because you can keep doing it without a break and it more or less works your whole body improving your blood and oxygen pumping efficiency. By doing at least 30 minutes runs with 60-80% pressure will really boost your stamina.

how to sprint fasterNon-Stop Sprinting
Sprinting takes more energy requirements from your body then jogging. Sprint at a constant rate for 30 seconds will quickly tire your muscle out, get you into oxygen debt and start lactic acid production in your body. This will mean you are already at a good stage to improve your lactic acid tolerance. Working harder to last longer in the sprints will definitely improve your stamina.

Quad Defining Exercises

Quadriceps are one of the most important muscles in our body because they are extremely powerful and are used for most exercises or sports such as football or even table tennis. Just think about it, on the leg press how much weight can you take? Far more than what your biceps can take when benching, maybe 3 to 4 times as much. That is why it is so crucial to train such a large and powerful muscle. The quads rest in your thigh and they are your driving power for sprinting and fast paced sports such as rugby and rowing. Usain Bolt has massive quads which allows him to accelerate in high speeds. Now, looking at the exercises which would suit this kind of muscle....
The quads are right above your knee and so you have to be careful when putting load on your quads you don't over work your knee joints otherwise it could lead to some permanent injures. I would advise not to do the leg press because, as I have learnt from personal experience, it can damage your knee and prevent you from fully functioning your leg when playing a sport. I would advise using your bench press max weight on the leg press max if it has to be done. And finally always do a non-weighted warm up to make sure the blood is flowing to that massive muscle.

Jumping Lunges
Lunges are a great way to warm up but also a great exercise for your quads too! Your using body weight so it should be fairly easy if your fairly fit. But the trick is to jump to your new lunge position every time you switch leg. This obviously makes it much harder but increases your quads explosive strength - the quick muscle reaction in your quads. Doing 10 reps 3 sets is a good start.

Weighted Lunges
The next exercise is weighted Lunges. There are two ways you can do this and I will tell you why each one may or may not work best for you. The first way to do this is to get a barbell with your desired weight up and behind your head. The problem with this is that some people may feel pain resting this weight on there rear neck - spine. Plus I wouldn't advise this exercise for teenagers as it will put pressure on your spine and may result in injure which could affect your growth. So the alternate for this is to have two dumbbell weights in your hands while you do the lunge. This exercise has exactly the same impact.

Jumping Squats
Squats, squats, squats, something you would get for a punishment in PE right? Well it is I would say the best exercise for ultra quad definition. For a warm up Squats are good and for the main activity jumping squats can be better. This again builds up explosive ability of your quads and is very easy to do. Once this become easy for you try touch your knees to your chest every time you jump like a tuck jump. 
You can even do weighted squats. However, be careful, only do jumping weighted squats if you have very good balance. I would recommend young adults and elders to not perform jumping squats as it can put a strain on their spine which can lead to health problems.

Ever wondered why Usain Bolt and amazing sprinters like him ran so fast? Its because they had massive quadriceps made of pure lean muscle trained by run fast for a short distance. Quads are the main drivers of fast sprinting. And if you put that the other way round it works too, sprinting is the main exercise for your quads! So instead of your usual 30 minute jog add a 1 minute sprint every five minutes, do this five times and I guarantee your quads will pop in no time. But remember to take breaks so your quads are always performing their best.